To engage all stakeholders of healthcare (and potential investors) on a common platform to address the industry in progress.

To understand why baseline health and wellness have been deteriorating due to aging populations and unhealthy habits, increasing NCDs.

To explore prevention, earlier diagnosis and preservation of health, and earlier engagement of younger populations in health and wellness before sickness are increasingly important.

To provide a forum for experts and providers to present the latest developments in the industry that support the development of the healthcare ecosystem, especially in relation to the above.

To provide a networking platform for the stakeholders in the industry, cross- industry collaborations, global collaborations, digitalization, AI & Big Data, innovation collaborations, public-private partnerships, patient empowerment, and policy & advocacy.

To deliberate on key challenges and offer solutions that address the outcomes.

Who Should Attend?

C-Level Executives of healthcare organizations and corporates

Healthcare policymakers

Entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators in healthcare

Medical universities and educational institutions members handle the young population as there is a need for a large and well-trained workforce to undertake the expected and unexpected challenges that will be faced.

The conference engages stakeholders in healthcare on a common platform to address the industry in progress. The conference topics and forum discussions enable the experts and providers of healthcare to present the latest developments in the industry that support the development of the healthcare ecosystem.

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  • When:
  • 20 & 21 October 2023 (Friday & Saturday)
  • Where:
  • Banquet Hall, East Wing, Level 3, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The conference program shall have keynote addresses, invited speakers, successful project presentations, and in-depth panel discussions. The aim is to engage the panelists and the delegates for a wide exchange of ideas and solutions.

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  • 500

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Last year was a great success amid the COVID-19 challenges

This year we have a dedicated track for every day to deliberate on three main interesting and trending healthcare sectors.

Conference Schedule

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Only limited seats available!

Memories of last year

In the 2nd edition, we have this year a good combination of local and international speakers who are captains and experts in their field and they shall be engaging and addressing key topics in healthcare that matters. Join us and optimize the networking opportunities with the Speakers and Delegates.

Event Speakers

Ava Charlotte

Dr Khor Swee Kheng

CEO of Angsana Health (building primary care systems in Southeast Asia), Member of the Health White Paper Advisory Council to the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, and has several fellowships in think tanks and universities. Holds postgraduate degrees in internal medicine (Royal College of Physicians), public health (Berkeley), and public policy (Oxford). He has authored or co-authored more than 200 articles in international academic journals, think tanks, and media.

Moderator Panel Forum: Diversifying Funding for Healthcare: Empowering Sustainable Solutions

Ava Charlotte

Dr Muhammed Anis bin Abdul Wahab

Deputy Director at the Planning Division and heads the National Health Financing Section of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Received a Chevening Award to do his Master's in Health Policy, Planning & Financing from both the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as well as the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. He was a member of the Development Team for the Parliamentary-approved Health White Paper and the MHSR (Malaysia Health System Research) Project Management Team.

Topic 1: Reforming Malaysia's Healthcare Financing System: Addressing Needs and Overcoming Challenges.

Ava Charlotte

Professor Tsung-Mei Cheng

Cheng is an adviser to the China National Health Development Research Center; the health policy think tank under China’s National Health Commission. She also serves as a special advisor to the Center for the Study of Major Policies of Tsinghua University, China, and is a member of the editorial board of Health Affairs, the leading U.S. health policy journal. Cheng was an adviser to the Executive Office of the Premier of Taiwan’s Strategic Review Board of the Science and Technology Advisory Group, which advises the premier on policies on the development of science and technology, including health care in Taiwan.

Topic 2: Transformative Healthcare Financing: Lessons from Taiwan's Healthcare System.

Ava Charlotte

Professor Phua Kai Hong

A Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, a former professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, and the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore. Graduated with honors cum laude at Harvard University (School of Public Health) and the London School of Economics. Received the Outstanding Young Person of Singapore award in 1992 for his contributions to health policy and community service. Has written over 200 publications, including the chapters on Health Care Financing and Governance Issues in Health Financing.

Topic 3: Revitalizing Healthcare Funding: Exploring the Potential Beyond Taxation in the Post-Pandemic Era.

Ava Charlotte

Dato’ Dr Noorul Ameen Mohamed Ishack

Has an illustrious career spanning decades, significantly contributing to healthcare in Asia-Pacific. After serving the Ministry of Health in various hospitals, he joined the Malaysian Armed Forces from 1981 to 1984 and was actively involved in Sports Medicine. He received the Chief Executive Officer of the Year accolade in 2006 and was recognized as a finalist for the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year award in 2011. Founded Qualitas Health in 1997, establishing it as an integrated network of private GP clinics in Malaysia. Today, Qualitas Health operates a network of healthcare concerns in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangladesh.

Keynote Address: Striking a Balance: Doctors’ Roles in Fiduciary Duty and Optimizing Limited Healthcare Resources.

Ava Charlotte

Ms. A. Vigneswari

Expertise in healthy aging and sustainable health financing. She holds a B.Sc. (Hons) with a double major in life sciences and political science from the National University of Singapore. She worked at the Ministry of Health, Singapore, formulating policies and programs to promote successful aging among the nation’s senior citizens. Travels throughout Southeast Asia to speak on the role of private health insurance in achieving universal health coverage.

Topic 2: Private Healthcare Insurance as a Solution for Health Care Financing Reform in Malaysia

Ava Charlotte

Ms. Lourdes Desiree Cembrano

She has 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the last 15 of which were in healthcare policy. Daisy retired as Vice-President for Government and External/Public Affairs, followed by a short stint as Marketing and Market Access Director at Lilly and as a consultant for the Health Policy Development Program, a USAID project with the University of the Philippines Economics Foundation. Holds a degree in Psychology and an MBA from the University of the Philippines.

Topic 3: Lessons from the Philippines: The Cancer Assistance Fund.

Ava Charlotte

Prof. Dr. Roberto Grobman

CTO at FullDNA with a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics Dr. Roberto is a Systems Engineer with a specialization in Machine Learning and Algorithms. Has more than 20 years of experience in developing intelligent systems and complex algorithms and has developed more than 1200 systems for big corporations and the government. He is a Professor of Genetics module in healthy longevity and in the genetics of autism.

Keynote Address – Precision medicine, customized to the genetic traits and behavioral quotients of Malaysians - Longevity, the relevance, and interdependencies of Genetics, Disease Burden, Lifestyle, and other dimensions.

Ava Charlotte

Mr. Radhakrishnan Shellaandi

MBA in Management Information Systems with a special interest in Health Care domain. Pursued research on the science of Happiness with the University of Berkeley with the vision to build an ecosystem that can support Mental Wellbeing. Researching the link between Emotions and Health Imbalances for the last 10 years. Have connected with numerous research institutes globally to derive Cognitive and Biofield Science based approaches for holistic wellbeing. Currently exploring genetics and many other healthcare specific technology entities.

TOPIC 2: The future where personalized medicine is the reality for every person – Optimal health given an individual’s physiological and psychological capacity, not simply the absence of disease.

Ava Charlotte

Mr. Mani Nallapillai

An entrepreneur who has built a successful high-end IT consulting business in the USA for the last 25 years and contributed to many large MNC Clients. He currently manages more than 4 million patient records in the USA. He has built promising software product lines, cloud-based, CMS-certified, complete workflow products that cater to all business entities in the healthcare echo system.

TOPIC 3: Digitizing health from a consumer perspective drives precision health guidance to prevent disease or delay the onset.

Ava Charlotte

Mr. Mohan Manthiry

Served at the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, before venturing into healthcare pioneering with students’ healthcare insurance program, several healthcare consultancies in telemedicine, hospital information systems, and case-mix Implementation for the public sector. Founded InfoMed, the media on healthcare that publishes the premier professional healthcare magazine and targets individuals to be knowledgeable and be involved in their health. A strong advocate of the concept of “Taking charge of one’s health” as the means to embrace healthcare challenges.

Moderator Round Table Forum 1: Precision Medicine in Non-Communicable Diseases: Clinical and Genomic Data Convergence for Diabetes Management.

Ava Charlotte

Prof. Datuk Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman

Retired as the Deputy Director General of Health (Public Health), Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Served as WHO Temporary Adviser on various occasions and recently completed his two terms as an Advisory Group Member of the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework. Currently a Professor of Public Health School of Medicine, Director of the Institute for Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI), and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research at the International Medical University.

RTF 1 Panel Member: Precision Medicine in Non-Communicable Diseases: Clinical and Genomic Data Convergence for Diabetes Management.

Ava Charlotte

Dr. Feisul Idzwan Mustapfa

A consultant public health physician with leadership in the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Malaysia. His special areas of interest include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and obesity. Currently is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Group for the Monash University South-East Asia Community Observatory and Board Member of the International Advisory Board of the United Nations University. His special interest is in leveraging technology to catalyze behavioural modification to reduce exposure to NCD risk factors.

RTF 1 Panel Member: Precision Medicine in Non-Communicable Diseases: Clinical and Genomic Data Convergence for Diabetes Management.

Ava Charlotte

Dr. Rohaya Abdul Razak

Dr Rohaya is a certified Internal Medicine Specialist and Endocrinologist. Previously, she was a senior lecturer at UiTM Sg Buloh Campus, involved in the clinical teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is a Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist at MSU Medical Centre and a visiting Consultant Endocrinologist at UiTM Private Specialist Centre. Dr. Rohaya’s deep interest is in diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, and other hormonal disorders.

RTF 1 Panel Member: Precision Medicine in Non-Communicable Diseases: Clinical and Genomic Data Convergence for Diabetes Management.

Ava Charlotte

Dr. Helmi Zakariah

Founder SELANGKAH, Malaysia & Commissioner for Universal Health, Chatham House UK

Professionally trained as a physician and public health professional, and in 2017, he pivoted as a digital health entrepreneur with extensive experience in leveraging Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the field of Medical Epidemiology. In 2019, he was appointed to the prestigious WHO/ITU Working Group for AI in Outbreak, a multi-institutional and global platform dedicated to harnessing the power of Machine Learning to mitigate disease outbreaks. In response to the pandemic, he founded SELANGKAH, (Selangor State Digital Health & Welfare Platform) to advance digital health solutions. Was also appointed as a member of the Selangor Public Health Advisory Committee. In his new role at Chatham House, he leads the Commission on Universal Health.

RTF 1 Panel Member: Precision Medicine in Non-Communicable Diseases: Clinical and Genomic Data Convergence for Diabetes Management.

Ava Charlotte

Professor Dr. Maude Elvira Phipps

She is a Professor of Human Genetics, Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences at Monash University Malaysia. Currently undertakes research in human population genetics and health with a special focus on indigenous communities in Malaysia and international collaborative projects on native populations in Asia and Oceania. Professor Phipps is currently the discipline coordinator and resource person for Genetics, Theme III Foundations of Medicine, and for Ethics, Theme I Personal and Professional Development, MBBS/MD.

TOPIC 4: The Promise of Pharmacogenetics – Personalized Prescription. Pharmacogenomics has changed the “one size fits all” approach to using and developing drugs.

Ava Charlotte

Dr. Maheshwara Rao

Senior Principle Assistant Director, Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia. He is an avid advocate of digital health, data-driven strategies, and policymaking. Leading the team for COVID-19 pandemic management in Malaysia, the team developed the mobile outbreak management system (MySejahtera) and managed Malaysia’s COVID-19 data repository. His interest in Public Health focuses on using the latest technology and AI in healthcare.

TOPIC 5: Precision health for population health – How it can benefit public health. Society should empower people to thrive, going beyond treatment to promote a healthy way of life for all.

Ava Charlotte

Datuk Dr Thirunavukarasu

Honorary General Secretary of the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), the largest and oldest medical association in Malaysia. He is also the CEO of CareClinics Healthcare Services, a network of more than 40 primary care clinics that is expanding. He has been the voice of general practitioners and is actively involved in various negotiations concerning the general practitioners on major issues affecting the practice.

Moderator Round Table Forum 2: Ageing and Longevity – A modern understanding of health.

Ava Charlotte

Mr. Paul Defries

With over 30 years of experience across Asia. He was tasked with various senior executive and board member roles. Has been a registered R.O. and holder of 5 securities licenses in HK, US, and UK. Experienced in balancing creation of shareholder value with ethical sustainability and localisation. Straits is a commercial platform for novel phyto-active ingredients based on medical research conducted by NTU, the National Neurological Society, and the ASEAN Microbiome and Nutrition Centre with a focus on anti-aging and metabolic dysfunction. He is focused on prevention rather than cure.

RTF 2 Panel Member: Ageing and Longevity – A modern understanding of health.

Ava Charlotte

Mr. Jason Fong

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Wholesome Savour, Singapore

A seasoned entrepreneur and visionary leader with 25 years of business management experience across various industries, including F&B, Assets Management, Investment, and Health & Wellness. Motivated by a strong passion for health and wellness, he has explored the fundamental problem in the medical field: a focus on treatment rather than cure. He is also actively involved in collaborations with Institutes of higher learning in microalgae-based projects to establish a resilient and sustainable agri-food platform, in a step towards more sustainable food systems and greater food security. He recognizes that nutrition holds the key to genuine prevention and aims to share his innovative and holistic concept of functional food therapy, mental wellness, and physical exercise to influence people's lives positively.

RTF 2 Panel Member: Ageing and Longevity – A modern understanding of health.

Ava Charlotte

Mr. Naweed Muhammad

Has over 25 years of experience in drug research and development, pharmacy, and start-up endeavors. Developed and managed multi-million-dollar drug research projects. He is a Co-Founder and CEO of a Health Tech company in Silicon Valley focusing on technology-driven geriatric care.

RTF 2 Panel Member: Ageing and Longevity – A modern understanding of health.


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